Our Obedience Can Shift the Atmospheric Heavens

The fervent effectual prayers of the righteous make tremendous power available (James 5:16-18). This passage describes how Elijah prayed and was able to shut up the heavens.  He prayed fervently again and the rains began again. But, he didn’t just pray.  Elijah was known to obey God’s instruction and to speak what God told him to speak. In his obedience, Elijah was able to change the atmospheric climate in the heavens.  Think about this.  If powerful prayers can change the physical atmosphere that means they had to change the spiritual atmosphere in the heavens first.

In an earlier post we compared the role of the Christian as a member of a military peacekeeping force.  Our power begins in the spiritual heavens and then manifests in the physical earth realm. So, every condition we see in the earth began with a seed that was sown in the spirit realm. That is why our obedience is vital to changing the dire situations of the earth.

The War Journal (1999-2010) Volume I is my actual prayer journal that the Lord had me publish and release to the public.  In this book I talk about the spiritual wars that occur when we are obedient to God’s command. I mentioned how every time God sends me on an assignment, he always gives me a profile of the enemies who are reeking havoc in the region. The Spirit of Gods also shows me what’s out of alignment with His plan of peace and prosperity in the region.  Remember this is a military assignment. The US military will never blindly send troops into a region without first gathering intell about enemy and resistance forces in the area. The Kingdom of God operates in a similar manner.  But God does not have to send out reconnaissance teams in secret missions because God knows all the secrets that exist in the earth.  In fact Deuteronomy 29:29 says that the secret things belong to God and what he reveals are the treasured inheritance of his people. So, Heaven is intell central.  God is the revealer of secrets.  He will send you out and give you all of the necessary enemy secrets to effectively accomplish the mission. And, rarely does the enemy give up without a fight. In my experience it is common for the spiritual rulers and principalities of these regions to show up at night or during my prayer time to intimidate me. I am never moved by outlandish demonic activity when I arrive in a new region.  It’s just confirmation that there is a new sheriff in town and the outlaws are mad. Sometimes God gives me instructions to speak and obey, other times all I have to do is arrive in the place where God has assigned me, and the devil has to flee.

In The War Journal I wrote about what happened when I first arrived in the French Riviera in 2007. Not only did the physical doors open to us, but also in a dream, the Spirit of God showed how the ruling demons of sex trafficking and prostitution were angry that we came into their territory and they tried to scare us.  The biggest and ugliest demon said, “We heard you were coming and we know we have to go. It’s not fair!” I heard him speak these words in sadness as he and four other evil powers lowered their heads in shame, turned and walked away.  The enemy in the region was defeated without a fight.  All we had to do was show up!  I had no tanks or physical weapons; I was just armed with the word (command) of God. Now that’s power!

Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement planned for this week. This soldier has obediently followed the instructions of the Lord to formally set his plan in motion.  I am no longer just  writing about solutions, but God has linked me with several like-minded obedient soldiers and we are about to launch a project that has never been done before and it is bound to shake up oppression and transform the lives of millions.

Oh, beloved Christian there is such power in our obedience.  Obey God and watch him change the world!